Ride Leaders

The following members are recognized as ride leaders by CSP Express.
They rotate responsibility during the ride and are dedicated to making sure all riders have a safe experience.

Scott Alderman
Brad Lindamood
Lisa Keene
Joleen Turner
Jeff Kahn
Fernando Tages
Jerry Layne
Howard Seiler
Chuck Medcraft
Andrew Lee
Jennifer Smith

We are looking for additional ride leaders.  Please contact Jerry Layne if you are interested. You can contact Jerry using the "Contact Us" menu item.


*Headphones, Ear Buds and Speakers are strictly PROHIBITED on all CSP Express rides.
*Aero bars are welcome, but NOT ALLOWED while in a paceline or rotation.
When using aero bars, either ride off to the left side or stay in the rear.
This is for your safety as well as the safety of others around you.
CSP Express / zMotion requires all event / training ride participants to wear a helmet and obey all traffic laws (i.e. respect signals, stop signs, yield signs, etc.).
Use caution at intersections and respect all other road users (other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists).
As a participant, you recognize that cycling is a potentially hazardous activity and you assume all risks associated therewith.


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